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About Josh

Josh has been involved in the bowling industry for over 16 years. His knowledge comes from years of experience bowling for Team USA, Wichita State, and as a professional bowler all over the world. Coaching has been a true passion of Josh's since he was in college and saw what an impact a bowling coach can play on someone's life. His favorite aspect of bowling is that bowling can be played by anyone no matter age, sex, gender, ethnicity, height, weight, mental or physical capacity.


  • 3 PBA National Titles
  • 2 time Jr. Team USA member
  • 13 time PBA Regional Champion
  • 2 time Collegiate National Champion (Wichita State)
  • 5 Gold/3 Silver/1 Bronze Medals Internationally


  • USBC Bronze Certified Coach
  • 2010 Collegiate Bowling of the Year
  • 3 time First Team All-American
  • 2012 Northwest/West PBA Rookie of the Year
  • 2012 PBA Rookie of the Year

As a native to Southern California, Josh grew up bowling JAT (Junior Amateur Tour) events at age 12 and won his first title at age 13. He knew college bowling was the next step for him at Fresno State. After two successful years under legendary coach Glenn Carlson, Josh finished his college bowling career at Wichita State under Bowlers Journal's Top 100 coaches Mark Lewis and Gordan Vadakin. Graduating in 2010 with a degree in Business and winning two national championships, Josh moved back to the west coast to pursue his dream in coaching and bowling.

With 14 years of experience giving lessons and clinics around the World, Josh has worked with every level of bowler and understands where each bowler is coming from. From his experience at Wichita State and bowling on the PBA Tour, Josh teaches more than just the physical game. His understanding of the importance of the mental game and lane play strategy provides a dynamic element to his lessons that is hard to find.